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Cell phone, text messaging news: State Reps. 100 fine for distracted driving while committing a moving violation. The measure has been approved by the House and sent to the Senate, where it was approved in late October by the Public Safety panel. Offenders can have the fine waived if they attend a distracted driving education course. The Ohio distracted driving laws have two levels of enforcement: There is only secondary enforcement for adult drivers who text message. Lyndhurst, Moreland Hills, Portsmouth and Pepper Pike have made texting subject to primary enforcement.

Bexley, Brooklyn, North Olmsted, North Royalton, South Euclid, Walton Hills, Beachwood, Marietta, Shaker Heights and Woodmere have all outlawed handheld cell phone use for all drivers. Statewide ban on text messaging by all drivers. For drivers under the age of 18, use of portable electronic devices prohibited. The new state distracted driving law will not override local legislation that calls for stiffer penalties or enforcement.

150 and a 60-day suspension of license. 300 with possible loss of driver’s license for a year. 100 fine for driving distracted — including use of handheld electronic device — while committing various moving violations. Add-on fine can be dismissed after traffic-safety course. Approved by the House Transportation Committee in a unanimous vote of May 18. Approved by the House in an 82 to 12 vote of June 21. A New Franklin woman has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide and driving while texting in connection with the deaths of two 14-year-old girls in late May.