Troubleshooting of computer hardware problems pdf

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How to Fix Troubleshooting of computer hardware problems pdf Monitor Display Problems? Are you having any display issues on your computer monitor?

Here are some common problems with monitor. It might be a CRT monitor, LCD or LED. Follow these instructions to fix monitor display? Problem: There is no display at all in the monitor, not even any error message. This usually is a problem with physical connection, problems with power or data cable. If the below steps didn’t work, you may have to replace monitor or take it for tech shop repair. Make sure the monitor is connected to a power source and the monitor power button is turned on.

From my experience as a tech support, I was surprised by the number of users who made mistake by not doing the basic step. Basically, make sure the monitor LED is turned on when troubleshooting. If there is no power coming, you may have to check the power cable. Make sure it is physically connected properly. You can also check if the cable is working properly by temporarily using a cable from another monitor.

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