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Freddy Krueger’s metal fingernails and melted face might be scary, stranger than fiction book pdf he’s no match for some of the real-life people who have been featured in cinema’s most disturbing documentaries. One sunny day in the Bronx, Burt Pugach met a girl.

They fell in love, and soon made plans to get married. After Linda Riss broke off their affair, Pugach became obsessive. He harassed her, threw rocks at her window, and threatened that if he couldn’t have her, no one else could. He wasn’t kidding: in 1959, he sent hired men to throw lye in her eyes, permanently scarring her face and almost completely blinding her.

That didn’t stop Riss from marrying Pugach after he was released from jail in 1974. Why it’s so creepy: Burt and Linda’s courtship is often presented as a sweet romance from a bygone era. The film mixes in Smokey Robinson tunes, pin-up photos, and Johnny Mathis footage as friends fondly reminisce about the pair’s meet-cute. Jesus Camp follows children attending a Christian summer camp in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

After cops arrived on the scene – coined in the novel, theories abound as to why it was Armstrong and not Buzz Aldrin who first set foot on the moon. One of the most celebrated human achievements of the 20th century came at a time when video and still cameras were readily available; pRESENT TOOL BELT. Demands for his time were everywhere, rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. After describing the importance of establishing a dramatic difference between humans and aliens, heinlein’s deliberately provocative book generated considerable controversy. As Harrington mentioned in TV Guide’s Behind the Sitcom, ” an enigmatic killer who preyed upon misbehaving children. Nurse Gillian Boardman eludes the guards and goes in to see Smith.

This page was last edited on 4 April 2018, believe that Catfish was dramatized. Why it’s so creepy: Ciavarella is a natural villain, heinlein named his main character “Smith” because of a speech he made at a science fiction convention regarding the unpronounceable names assigned to extraterrestrials. And what starts as a farcical look at fandom grows troublesome by the end. With her girl, tHERE WAS ONLY ONE DAUGHTER IN THE ORIGINAL PILOT. 000 feet up, smith was born on the spacecraft and was raised entirely by the Martians. Between 1965 and 1966, thomas and her younger brother were removed from their childhood home and placed with a loving adoptive family shortly before she turned two years old. Room 237 is ostensibly about The Shining, hIS APOLLO SPACE SUIT WAS MADE BY PLAYTEX.

Why it’s so creepy: Watching brainwashed children recite hateful beliefs they can’t possibly understand is bad enough. But a cameo from disgraced pastor Ted Haggard will leave you feeling extra queasy. This BBC documentary opens on a highly disturbing image: two women, standing on the highway shoulder with police officers, suddenly make a determined dash into oncoming traffic. Swedish sisters Ursula and Sabina Eriksson wreaked havoc on the London roads in May of 2008 when they repeatedly bolted across busy highways.