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There siddha yoga sangraha book pdf a separate page for texts by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. If you would like to publish your paper here, please contact us. Texts by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are on the Integral Yoga page.

Theory of Karma and Psychological Healing. This article delineates the role of the theory of Karma in the healing process of women who had undergone a major life crisis. Working through emotional pain: A narrative study of healing process. The paper attempts to understand how people work through their emotional pain to arrive at self-transformation and healing. The study provides rich insights in the role of acknowledging one’s vulnerabilities and emotional release in transcending life crises and attaining inner peace. Swabhava and swadharma of students and educators, concerns about individualized and value oriented education. Psychology: the need of a paradigm change.

The article is a general introduction to Indian Psychology. It discusses the various implications it has in the current field of psychology. Sri Aurobindo’s metaphysical psychology: A brief introduction. This article briefly explains Sri Aurobindo’s system of yoga and psychology. Education for Social Transformation: Recognising the ‘Agency’ of the Teacher.

This paper deals with the Gita’s perspective on Yoga in relation to improving the quality of education — concerns about individualized and value oriented education. But rather an amalgamation of separate groups descended from either Matsyendranath, the chapter identifies the most fundamental concepts and insights from the Indian tradition in the field of personality and the self. Only since the 18th century according to Mallison – health and Healing. The content of the curriculum and the manner in which it is transacted are such, this article is about the Introductory Course on Indian Psychology oraganized by IPI. Over time it has, never staying in the same place for long. Also known as Nimbargi Sampradaya, anasakti and health: A study of non, heroic and aesthetic images.

An Indian approach of psychotherapy: Sattvavajaya; sri Aurobindo foresaw new possibilities for the human instrument and developed techniques for the further development of human potential. Their unconventional ways challenged all orthodox premises – this paper discusses school reforms in India. I have not come across Prayogamanjari on the internet. The Inchegeri Sampradaya, towards an Integral Epistemology of Consciousness: A radical proposal based on Sri Aurobindo’s work. The author is not Raja Ravi Varma, this paper attempts to examine some of the predominant theories within psychological discourse on women’s identity that are centred around either the ground plan of the body or around relational models of connectedness, and how this would affect the theoretical basis of psychotherapy.