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How does the S get in stratosphere? For a PDF version of Greg’s CV, please click here. UNEP 4th ozone research managers meeting, Geneva, April 1999, to the 6th ozone research managers meeting, Vienna, Literature for composition barnet pdf 2005, and to the 7th ozone research managers meeting, Geneva, May 2008.

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Successful applicant in the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund 2014, for a three year project: “The permeability of the Antarctic vortex. SPARC is 1 of 4 core projects of the World Climate Research Programme. Co-Chair of SPARC: 2012-31 January 2014. Associate editor for Journal of Climate. Development of climate pattern scaling methods to generate fields of surface climate variables from simple climate model simulations. Analysis of the dynamical attributes of the polar vortices and the interaction between midlatitude planetary wave activity, the structure of the polar vortices and the resultant interannual difference in the severity of polar ozone depletion. Informal co-supervision and external examiner on her PhD.

Space-based measurements of stratospheric dynamical processes. Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago, 2004-2006. Formal co-supervisor together with Dr Tony Reeder. Physics Department, University of Canterbury, 2004-2007. Development of a medium term predictor of the severity of Antarctic ozone depletion. Physics Department, University of Canterbury, 2005-2008.

Observations of stratosphere-troposphere exchange in the southern hemisphere. Department of Physics, University of Munich, 2006-2009. Formal co-supervisor together with Martin Dameris. Using the longitudinal and altitudinal structure in ozone changes to differentiate between chemical and dynamical forcings of those changes – comparison of measurements and model. Formal co-supervision together with Prof Martin Dameris. Validation of stratospheric mixing processes in chemistry-climate models. Stefanie Kremser: Institute for Meteorology, Free University of Berlin, 2008-2011.

Formal co-supervision together with Prof Ulrike Langematz. Laura Revell: University of Canterbury Chemistry Department, 2009-2012. Thesis topic: Diagnosing the interplay between chemistry and dynamics in coupled chemistry-climate models. University of Canterbury Physics Department, 2014-present. Thesis topic: Using simple models to improve understanding of the interactions between components of the climate system. Jordis Tradowsky: Free University of Berlin, 2015-present.