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This naivety was what led me to fail it the first time around. While I had been very familiar with the mainstays of reporting and features in GA for years, I hadn’t quite been on top of newly added features like Google Tag Manager, Universal Analytics, and other recent developments. I’ve provided an epic list of Google Analytics related questions for my own and your reference. I’ll continually add to it and remove dated material. It goes without saying that web analytics isn’t going anywhere given the increasing number of internet users and internet usage by country, so it’s never too late to get started. 1 What is the purpose of the URL builder? The URL builder allows us to create URLs that append referrer data in the form of URL parameters.

This enables us to collect source, medium, term, content, and campaign name tracking data. Get started here on Google’s URL builder. 2 Which of the following is a valid tagged custom campaign? 3 You should add Analytics tracking code to your site when. Your approach to analytics should be cyclical. Last Interaction Conversions value of exactly 1. Which of the following is true?

The correct answer would be Channel X equally assists and completes conversions. Underlined in red below, and taken from Google’s Analysing Channel Contribution documentation supports this. 5 Which of the following questions can be answered using the goal flow report? Are there any steps in my conversion process that don’t perform well on mobile devices compared to desktop devices? Are there a lot of unexpected exits from a step in the middle of my conversion funnel? Do visitors usually start my conversion process from the first step or somewhere in the middle? Where do users enter my funnel — at the first step, or are they jumping in somewhere in the middle?

Are there a lot of unexpected exits from a step in the middle of the funnel? Is there a place where traffic loops back? Is there one segment of traffic that acts differently than other segments? Is it converting more or less often? Using the below screengrab, it’s not hard to visualise all four scenarios starting to be answered with the use of Goal Flow Reports. 6 Which two metrics below would be the best KPIs for measuring the performance of an ecommerce business? Pageviews and bounce rate are secondary metrics, which can be optimised for in order to improve your business ecommerce metrics.