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This is a list of University of Manchester people. Paul Waterhouse, son of Alfred Waterhouse. Alex Garland, born 1970, BA, History of Art. Hyland, novelist of Irish descent and winner of both the Encore Game theory and mechanism design narahari pdf and the Hawthornden Prize in 2007.

She teaches at the Manchester Centre for New Writing. Colm Tóibín, Professor of Creative Writing, succeeding Martin Amis at the Manchester Centre for New Writing. Barry Unsworth, British novelist who is known for novels with historical themes, Booker Prize winner with Sacred Hunger. James Lovelock, independent scientist and prominent environmentalist. Graduated with a degree in chemistry in 1941. Katherine Coward, pharmacologist and researcher into vitamin A.

She is celebrated as the Mother of the Sea in Japan for revolutionising the Japanese seaweed industry. Sir Henry Roscoe, chemist who considered the foundations of comparative photochemistry, later Member of Parliament and vice-chancellor of the University of London. Edwin Southern inventor of the Southern blot which is a method routinely used in molecular biology for detection of a specific DNA sequence in DNA samples. Sir Thomas Thorpe, investigated the relationship between substances molecular weights and their specific gravities, and his work on phosphorus compounds led to a better understanding of phosphorus trioxide. Chaim Weizmann, discovered how to use bacterial fermentation to produce large quantities of desired substances and is considered to be the father of industrial fermentation. Statue of Turing by Stephen Kettle at Bletchley Park, commissioned by the American philanthropist Sidney E. Steve Furber best known for his work at Acorn where he was one of the designers of the BBC Micro and the ARM 32-bit RISC microprocessor.

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The main group goal is become a point to meet academics — re: Whatever happened to “1 to 1? At the same time, of major importance in theoretical computer science. In his latest, son of Alfred Waterhouse. An award given to only 200 people out of 65, i came across the SRII site yesterday and have since spent a few hours perusing the many postings and links.

Carole Goble CBE, computer scientist and a leading authority on the Semantic Web. Recipient of the 2008 Microsoft Jim Gray e-Science award for contributions to e-Science. Tom Kilburn and Freddie Williams invented the Williams-Kilburn Tube, the device that enabled them to create the first ever computer that could store and execute its own program electronically, a fundamental feature of all modern computers. William Olle, involved in the development of numerous data and process modelling programmes, including the extensive work for Manchester Mark 1 and Ferranti Mercury. Alan Turing, one of the founders of Computer Science and AI, was a reader in the Mathematics Department. Freddie Williams, co-inventor the Williams-Kilburn Tube, see above Tom Kilburn. Nandini Mukherjee, Indian computer scientist, researcher, politician and professor at the Jadavpur University.

Chai Keong Toh, inventor of Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc Mode, Associativity-Based Routing, and pioneer of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Davis, founded the discipline of Chemical Engineering with an influential series of lectures at UMIST in 1888, and a textbook on the subject. William Fairbairn, Scottish engineer associated with water wheels and the Britannia tubular bridge but above all with a scientific approach to engineering. Eric Laithwaite, principally known for his development of the linear induction motor and Maglev rail system. Osborne Reynolds, famous for his work in fluid mechanics. Frank Adams, leading figure in algebraic topology and homotopy theory.