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JPEG file from the given image. If not set or NULL, the raw image stream will be outputted function generator manual pdf. To skip this argument in order to provide the quality parameter, use NULL. Disallowed passing an empty string to to to skip this argument.

I didn’t find any example like this on the Web, so I mixed pieces together. SAVE the scaled image to a BLOB field keeping the original image type. So, let’s suppose you have a form where a user can upload an image, and you have to scale it and save it into your database. One single code line, solve-me after 3 hours of blind search! Here is a function to resize an image and maintain aspect ratio. It will resize jpeg, gif or png and could easily be modified to add bmp.

100 is the quality settings, values range from 0-100. Regarding Carl Gieringer’s comment, it is possible to have PHP files in utf-8. Just make sure the editor does not output BOM, which is unnecessary in utf-8 anyway. Except for any editors from Microsoft, most programmer’s editors that supports utf allows you to surpress BOM.

Here is the simple, but powerful script for creating thumbnails on the fly. This resizer respects the ASPECT RATIO. I had a problem with denied permissions when trying to upload AND resize an image having safe_mode on. Note: the directory where you want to save the file must have permissions set to 0777.

I worked out a script that allows the transfer of alphanumeric data to be placed on an image. The HTML feature is img src and the php feature is imagettftext. This simple code will increment from 1 to 3 on images. This script will call a script to produce the image. This script creates a square image and places the text on it. I had similar problem with safe mode. JPEG as a filled form, but printing both Graphics from Photoshop revealed that any JPEG created is downsampled to 72 dpi, while width and height is kept.