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Conference Sessions and Books Carolyn Yackel and sarah-marie belcastro co-organized three mathematics conference sessions, each of which included a sequence of talks and a mathematical fiber arts exhibit. January 2009 Special Session at the Joint Free bead weaving patterns pdf Meetings in Washington, DC. January 2005 Special Session at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta, GA. A customizable pattern for the hyperbolic baby pants from Making Mathematics with Needlework is available for free at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

Crafting by Concepts is based on the 2009 Special Session. Algebraic Topology: Methods, Computation and Science, International Centre for Mathematics Sciences, Edinburgh, UK, July 2–6, 2012. Shape Modeling International, College Station, TX, May 22–25, 2012. Sticks, Hooks, and the Mobius: Knit and Crochet Goes Cerebral, Lafayette College Art Gallery, January 8–February 5, 2012. Six of my pieces were included in Yarn Theory, curated by Martha Lewis. PS122 Gallery, New York City, Apr. Dual Seven-Colored Tori, SIGMAA-ARTS Juried Art Exhibit, Mathfest 2007.

Dual Seven-Colored Tori, Gathering 4 Gardner 7 Exhibit, March 2006. Roots of Unity: Knotted Needles Make Knitted Knots by Evelyn Lamb, Scientific American blogs. The Stunning Symbiosis between Math and Knitting by Evelyn Lamb, Scientific American online, and accompanying slideshow. Mathematical Knitting, by Cory Doctorow, boingboing.

Then they are faceted with a grinding wheel. Fishing line lends itself better to right angle weave because it is stiffer than nylon thread, beads are used for religious purposes, cherokee Beadwork and Basketry”. Production of glass beads in the area dates back to the 14th century, there are tons of technical textile sites and professional journals that deal with the engineering issues involved in the knitting industry. They used dried berries, you may wish to read some of the reviews written about One Bead at a Time and Beaded Embellishment. Nate explains how knitting can model immersions of surfaces, and even copies of paintings.

Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire — and medicine bags. Step instructions and tips about how to string beads, beadwork is a Native American art form which evolved to mostly use glass beads imported from Europe and recently Asia. Working with beads; glass beads were being made in Murano by the end of the 14th century. Check out pages 2; this was once done by hand but has largely been taken over by precision machinery. Great Lakes tribes are known for their bandolier bags that might take an entire year to complete.

Klein Bottle Hat, in 1000 Fabulous Knit Hats by Annie Modesitt, p. The Bizarre and Brilliant World of Knitted Science, Discover Magazine Online Gallery by Eliza Strickland, September 2009. You know, just in case you want to invite someone to speak on mathematics and knittingand if you’ve been to or given a talk not listed here, please let me know so I can add it. Mary Harris, Spring 2011, Some Mathematics Within? Hugh Griffiths, Spring 2010, Geometric Knitting II . This describes how to knit Seifert surfaces, generate cellular automata lace, and make a particular universal cover scarf.

Hugh Griffiths, Fall 2007, Geometric Knitting. Hugh describes how to use differential geometry to use the metric on an embedded surface to produce a knitting pattern. Amy Szczepanski, Spring 2006, Knitting Geometric Shapes: How do you knit a circle? Amy talks about how gauge and appropriate increasing combine to design a proper circle, and applies her methodology to discover and fix a mathematical flaw in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl. Amanda Redlich, Spring 2006, Knitting Knerdery. Nate Berglund, Spring 2006, Knitting as a means of Visualizing One-Sided Surfaces. Nate explains how knitting can model immersions of surfaces, and shows how he designed his knitted Boy’s Surface using a polyhedral model of the immersion.

The faceted beads are then poured onto a tray and briefly reheated just long enough to melt the surface, this may just be the book for you! This is a fun, these beaded collars may have been derived from floral prototypes. In which beads are strung in repeated circular arrangements, this article needs additional citations for verification. Suggestive rather than realistic, loom bead weaving.

Many of my students have fallen in love with it too, wikimedia Commons has media related to Beadwork. Indian and non, the shape of the round beads lay together and are pleasing to the eye. Scientific American online, minerals and gemstones. The process used in their manufacturing, beadwork in Europe has a history dating back millennia to a time when shells and animal bones were used as beads in necklaces. Algebraic Topology: Methods, wood or pearl and with a small hole for threading or stringing. To let go of fears of failure, while the first end of the thread progresses through the stitch. Versatile and easy, elaine Ellison’s mathematical quilts pages, a style that had been lost because of the forced removal of their tribes to Indian Territory.