Fractional horsepower motors pdf

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Let’s imagine a 3-phase motor that runs 100 A per phase. If one of the phases gets dropped, is it going to now run at 66. 7 A on the fractional horsepower motors pdf two phases?

I know an open delta transformer configuration only delivers 57. I believe the amperage will behave differently depending on if the motor windings are connected in a Delta or Wye configuration. If it is connected in a Wye configuration, then no current will flow through the winding connected to the drop phase. I wouldn’t know how to calculate what the amperages would be, but I am curious as to how to do that. If you relentlessly pursue perfection, you will eventually catch excellence. If your overloads are oversized, damage will occur!

What happens to the motor circuit loading during phase loss will depend on the way the motor is connected and the mechanical characteristics of the motor load. It is possible that the motor will stall under the mechanical load, in which case the current drawn on the remaining phases will increase substantially, since a stalled motor draws far more than its normal full load current. On the other hand, if there is no mechanical load on the motor, then it will probably continue to spin with no difficulty at all. In fact, if you run an unloaded three phase induction motor via two terminals from a single phase supply, the third terminal will _develop_ the third phase. This is the basis of the rotary phase converter, used to derive three phase power from single phase power. Thank you I learned from your last post.

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I do have a question for you though. What kinds of applications for 3 phase motors have you seen that have no mechnical or pump loads? I am trying to visualize what happens when a motor drops a phase. Sometimes motors are simply very oversized for the attached load, due to bad engineering. Bob, can you help us understand the math on how one gets to these numbers? Quote: “Sometimes motors are simply very oversized for the attached load, due to bad engineering.

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