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On this episode, we talk General Conference of October, 1841. Some financial problems within the Church are dealt with when Fingerprints of the gods pdf free download Brigham Young rips up an old bank note and gives it to the wind.

Jo offers a profound sermon concerning Baptisms for the Dead and then proceeds to hold it hostage until Talos’ temple crown is complete. A schismatic murmurer is dealt with while we analyze Jo’s business model of Mormonism. On this episode, we take a step back and try to view the recent headlines with a little bit of historical perspective. From the current rape scandal, to general conference, to the Protect LDS Children march, we try to put historical context on everything which happened this past week. We’ll resume our historical timeline of early Mormonism next week, this week it’s just journalism surrounding the modern SLC Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On this episode, we dive into the recent leak from Mormon Leaks of Jane Doe interviewing Joseph L. Bishop wherein she accuses him of sexually assaulting her.

There’s a lot to parse out with this story as it broke at a crucial time ramping up to the Protect LDS Children March happening at the end of this month. SL Tribune Two Alleged Victims of Joseph L. On this episode, we examine when Jo’s Mormonism became a business venture as much as a religion. It didn’t take long into Mormon history before God felt the need to interfere with Church finances. From that time forward, revelation after revelation centered on money just as much as ecclesiastical matters. We discuss the nuances of the land contracts Joseph Smith signed with Isaac Galland and Horace Hotchkiss to create a sanctuary for the Mormon refugees to settle.

On this episode, we dive into our historical timeline by examining the power of the press in early Mormonism. From the BoM to the Times and Seasons, the Mormons were publication fiends in absolute control of the information going out of Nauvoo through public literature. Thompson, and Don Carlos Smith work as editors for the Times and Seasons which goes off without a hitch until August 1841. The Saintly Scoundrel by Andrew F.

On this episode, we invite Sam Young of the Protect LDS Children campaign. Currently, Sam’s petition has over 16,000 signatures urging the LDS Church to change its policy concerning how Bishop’s interviews are conducted. As it currently stands, Bishops frequently ask sexually explicit questions during regular interviews in a child’s development, one-on-one, behind closed doors, perpetuating a cycle of shame and creating situations where sexual grooming is normalized. On this episode, we cover the evolution of the first vision accounts spurred by an 1841 interview with Joseph’s brother, Reverend William Smith. Season in 1842, Joseph story looks less like an actual occurrence and more like a the coming-of-age story to a mythological figure. On this episode, Brigham Young and the Quorum of Apostles slowly trickle back into Nauvoo after their surprisingly successful mission trip in Europe.