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The future of the legal profession began 20 years ago. The technology boom was just beginning artificial intelligence question paper pdf the emergence of email and personal computers.

Jay Leib was working for Record Technologies Inc. 1999, and the company was scanning documents into databases for clients. At one point the company printed and scanned legal documents related to a lawsuit with Microsoft. Leib thought that was inefficient, a waste of time and paper. So he and his business partner, Dan Roth, decided to create a program that would help lawyers manage electronic documents for litigation. Their idea led them to purchase an e-discovery application.

By 2000, Leib and his partner launched their own creation, Discovery Cracker. Lawyers need tools to keep up with it. Instead of wading through piles of paper, lawyers now deal with terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of documents. E-discovery, legal research and document review are more sophisticated due to the abundance of data. Better tools are needed to truly understand data. What is the future of the industry? There were whistleblowers in their companies who knew what was going on, and the unstructured data contained the stories.

Companies could detect potential problems early on, provide alternatives to counsel and C-suite, and understand their exposure. It would prevent unnecessary legal spend and mitigate risk, thus protecting the company’s brand and shareholder value. In 2013, he and Roth, a professor and head of the cognitive computing group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, created NexLP, a company using artificial intelligence to analyze data and identify trends. A REVOLUTION BEGINS Artificial intelligence is changing the way lawyers think, the way they do business and the way they interact with clients. Artificial intelligence is more than legal technology. It is the next great hope that will revolutionize the legal profession.

Change can be brought on through pushing existing ideas. What makes artificial intelligence stand out is the potential for a paradigm shift in how legal work is done. AI, sometimes referred to as cognitive computing, refers to computers learning how to complete tasks traditionally done by humans. The focus is on computers looking for patterns in data, carrying out tests to evaluate the data and finding results. Chicago-based NexLP, which stands for next generation language processing, is creating new ways for lawyers to look at data. Text analytics and machine learning can be incredibly helpful in helping the data tell its story, thus allowing legal teams and the C-suite to focus their time on nuanced analysis and application of that story to the issue at hand. Leib is not interested in the usual data analytics but, rather, in preventive measures, including predicting litigation and measuring workflows in real time.

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