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Using this all about finance pdf means you’re Ok with this. Updated through 2017 Wisconsin Act 273 and all Orders of the Controlled Substances Board affecting Chapter 961 and Supreme Court Orders in effect on April 14, 2018.

The electronic updated Wisconsin Statutes are published under s. The table of contents shows all the statute chapter titles listed numerically, grouped under subject-matter headings. Clicking on a chapter title takes the user to the beginning of the selected statute chapter in an HTML view. Clicking on the icon next to the title presents the chapter as a PDF file.

If you perform a search using the search boxes above, the results will be presented in the HTML view. View documents as PDF when available. See Advanced Search to search within single statute sections or chapters. The updated Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations are presented on a secure connection. See the Statutes Help for assistance in locating statutes and for using the statutes and annotations generally. See the Coverage of Annotations table for annotation coverage details. 2015-16 Statutes and Annotations are now available.

Ebook versions of the Updated Statutes and Annotations are also available for downloading to mobile devices and computers. Published by the Legislative Reference Bureau. Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Civil Divisions of the State. Sovereignty and jurisdiction of the state. Division of the state into counties, and their boundaries.

General Organization of the State, Except the Judiciary. Resignations, vacancies, and removals from office. State debt, revenue obligations and operating notes. Public Domain and the Trust Funds. Public domain and the trust funds. Protection of forest lands and forest productivity. Public parks and places of recreation.

Regulation of dams and bridges affecting navigable waters. Publication and distribution of laws and public documents. Higher educational agencies and education compacts. Charitable, Curative, Reformatory and Penal Institutions and Agencies.

Public assistance and children and family services. State alcohol, drug abuse, developmental disabilities and mental health act. Income and franchise taxes for state and local revenues. Tax appeals commission and department of revenue. Taxation of public utilities and insurers. Motor vehicle and general aviation fuel taxes. Soil and water conservation and animal waste management.

Department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection. Department of safety and professional services — regulation of industry, buildings and safety. Apprentice, employment and equal rights programs. Consignments of works of fine art. Authentications and electronic transactions and records.

Beverage, controlled substances and tobacco taxes. Plumbing and fire protection systems and swimming pool plan review. Power of attorney for health care. Law enforcement officers’ bill of rights. Office of the commissioner of railroads. Regulation of professional employer organizations and the solicitation of funds for a charitable purpose.